Fares & Tickets

Mobile Tickets (myTrip)

We have a 10 Journey Ticket price at only £20! It's a bundle of 10 single tickets for use on *any service and can be activated up-to a year from purchase. 

*Excludes services 305, 306, 309 & 340.

Our best value tickets are available on our website/app, click here to view/purchase.

Services 305, 306 & 309 myTrip Tickets

Exclusive to our myTrip app, you can purchase Adult Single £3.50, Adult Return £6.00 and 10 Journey £25. Tickets are for exclusive use on Services 305, 306 & 309 - we do not accept any other multi-journey tickets on offer.

Our best value tickets are available on our website/app, click here to view/purchase.

On Bus Tickets

We mostly sell single tickets on bus. You must have exact fare as we don't give change unfortunately. Our adult singles vary depending on your journey and child singles (5 to 15 years old) are half the adult fare rounded to the nearest 5p (minimum £1.10).

Passengers who appear older than 15 years may be asked for identification, so please ensure it's carried to avoid unnecessarily paying an adult fare.

Return tickets are available on bus for services 206, 207, 305, 306 & 309 - just ask the driver.

Best value multi journey tickets are available on myTrip.

We also accept Concessionary travel and SPT Zone cards on all our services.

Contactless Payments

Worried about our exact fare policy? We accept contactless payments on all our buses so don't worry about having the exact fare, pay with your debit/credit card instead!

There is no additional cost and you can also use Google/Apple pay. 

Ticket QR Code Scanning

Our multi-journey tickets require to be scanned when boarding the bus. Whether you purchase a mobile ticket, day, weekly or return - place your ticket (code facing up) on the ticket machine reader for validation. We don't accept tickets from any other bus operators.