Short Notice Journey Cancellations

1 year ago Sat 1st Apr 2023

This page will provide information about short notice journey cancellations due to the national driver shortage. We understand that this is a growing concern for passengers, as more and more bus companies are struggling to find enough drivers to meet the demand for their services.

The national driver shortage is caused by a variety of factors. These factors have combined to create a situation where many bus companies are struggling to find enough drivers to maintain their services.

As a result, passengers may experience short notice cancellations or disruptions to their bus journeys. This can be frustrating and inconvenient, especially when passengers have important plans or appointments and we can only apologise for the inconvenience caused. 

Our aim is to have all cancellation information posted with as much notice as possible, but sometimes due to circumstances out with our control changes may be posted at very short notice or occasionally, after the timetabled journey start time.

We no longer post short notice cancellations on this page, please refer to our Twitter/Facebook platforms.